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 ROLIPOB GROUP Sdn Bhd (formerly known as ROLIPOB Marketing) has been established since 25th February 2013. The company's operation and business are mainly on web, design, and photography development. We recruited and coordinated the pool of resources and talents from Information & Internet Technology, Graphic Designers, and Marketing in e-commerce to helps SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprise) to thrive in their business. We conduct research from time-to-time, helps us to understand better with the latest market trend, and using these knowledge and information to advice our customers accordingly, to ensure all the electronic channels will eventually help customers to grow their business, and directly lead to increment of revenue and profit.


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Our Services - Web Development and Design | E-commerce and Payment Gateway | Payement Gateway Integration | Customization of System | S.E.O and S.E.M | Online Advertising and Marketing Platform | SME Payment Solutions | G.B.O.P - Getting Business Online Partnership 


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    Jack Cham / Technology Manager

“ROLIPOB pronounced similarly as the word of “Lollipop”, it means sweet and colourful. We deliver a hassle-free process of web development that helps SME to move their business forward to online presence and always be there to provide strong customer supports to form a sweet memory with clients. Colourful, we want our development team to be creative, design direction is always simple, nice and attention-capturing, as well to carry out the most important message through electronic channel to achieve a better communication between business and their customers. We put 100% effort to every development project, we don’t simply make a statement, but we make every project visible on our portfolio page.”

KEN, Operation Director

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